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So taken from >>11294538
>...has anybody else noticed that [as] is relying more and more on new anime rather than their standby of American comedies a la American Dad and Family Guy? It seems Busou Renkin will get aired along with Gundam 00 and I've heard rumors that, because Bandai Entertainment (not the ones with shit high DVD prices, the ones that released Cowboy Bebop, Haruhi, and now Lucky Star) has the license, Gurren Lagann may actually air on the network. This isn't too far-fetched as [as] has had a good track record with Bandai stuff (if you forget Gundam Seed) and is one of their main partners in airing anime on American TV (the other ones being Viz and FUNimation). Code Geass and Gundam 00 are not being advertised to their maximum potential but I think that may be it, they simply want the fans to watch it so that they might actually buy the DVDs of said shows so seeing GL in the future seems somewhat plausible. Plus it's easy to make fun of which [as] loves doing with it's newer anime properties.

Now /a/ discuss.