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Help me /a/, I've lost faith. I'm going off anime and I want you to suggest an anime to bring me back to the fold.

Last anime I enjoyed consistantly was Haruhi. I watched Uterwaremono, or whatever, and some rubbish about a yakuza woman teaching kids, but heck, didn't enjoy them that much.

All my mates seem to watch is bullshit like Narut, One Piece and Eyeshield, and the only one I can bare is the last one, because I'm a football fan.

I got into anime because of the seeming deepness of anime, atleast story wise. Nothing has delivered as of late. I get my fix of deep storylines from DC and 2000AD Comics, and Postmodernist Novels.

Give me faith again /a/. I need an anime thats got involving characters, a seemingly deep story and if it's not to much to ask, a postmodern story structure.