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Kururugi Suzaku was not only the Prime Minister's son during the Britannian invasion of Japan, but was also responsible for the leader's death and his country's subsequent, swift surrender to its conquerors. He has lived a troubled and gloomy life, hounded by guilt and sorrow. Although Suzaku understood the distinction between good and evil, he could only revel in committing sins. Like his father, Kururugi Genbu, Suzaku became a pariah, but he was trained as a soldier and had an ironic talent for killing other people. With no alternative, Suzaku prayed that, through servitude to a woman he loved, he could finally achieve respite from his tortured existence. When Suzaku discovered love could not change him, he was on the brink of suicide; his mistress, filled with concern, committed suicide to show to Suzaku that he could still feel compassion for others. However, after her death, Suzaku was disgusted to realize he would have preferred killing her instead; from that day on, he ceased pursuing salvation altogether.