Big O and the nature of reality.

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I've been thinking about Big O in general, and noticed some interesting parallels. Obviously, this is going to be spoiler heavy.

Basically, the idea of there being "Multiple truths" in Big O is what interested me. It's the conclusion Schwarzwald came to, that there isn't just one truth. In fact, in a sense, there IS one truth - just different ways of looking at it.

Big O was not literally a "Matrix" as the ending seems to imply. At least, if it is, that's a minor truth, not the major one. I'll try and explain this.

Another anime/series of light novels that used a very similar concept that you'll no doubt hate being dragged up is Haruhi Suzumiya.

We know Haruhi had some ability to recreate the world. However, there were three groups that viewed her as 3 different things - a "source of information", an anomaly in the time stream, and God. This reminds me an awful lot of the "multiple truths".

What really is of note though, is Yuki Nagato. Her "truth" seems to be reality - she can manipulate the Metrics of reality. She can give a baseball bat a "homing" property as if she was cheating in a game.