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OK So I am new to Bleach and have only read the 9 Manga, however I have also read up a little on the series.

So by the end of the Soul Society Arc Ichigo is as powerfull as the average captain?

He finds he has Hollow powers but can not control them. The Vizard train him and his "power level" shoots up. So at this point he is well beyond a Captain?

Also the Arrancar show up, these guys are well above Ichigo's new power level. With the 4th ranked kicking his ass and the 5th being equal, slightly less powerfull.

So just how are the Captain Shinigami ment to take these guys on?

Not only that but even the most powerfull of the Arrancar are only ranked as 2nd class. So the 1st class one must have power levels through the roof, not only that by then Aizen can control these guys? So power level wise it looks something like this?

Gin and Tōsen
Vasto lorde Arrancar
Adjuchas Arrancar

So how did Aizen, Gin and Tōsen get sow powerfull and just how are the good guys meant to take these guys on? Surely they could just attack now and wipe everyone off the map?