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someone posted this on /v/ as an answer to screw with peoples minds and get free stuff on ffxi. since you've seen a lot of animes/mangas and can tell the difference between reality and games/anime(I hope). I was wondering if you can tell me if this works?
Make a male character, maybe a Tarutaru with a cutesy name.

Find a really good friend, play for a few days/weeks with him.

After you're really close to him (not in a gay way) pretend you're your brother on your account, start a conversation as soon as he messages you. Don't want to message him first, then he'll know somethings up.

Say something like "So you're friends with my sister?" and then say things/try to convince him that your brother(which is basically you) is a girl.[Now, I know this is a bit confusing so let me fix it up. In doing this, you're roleplaying your brother. When I say convince him that your brother is a girl, I mean from a roleplaying point. Like, say my little brother comes on 4chan and says that I myself am a girl.. Hope that clears things up]

The next day, or whenever you sign back on for real act like nothing happened and don't say anything about it until your friend talks to you about it, deny it. Then a few days later act as your brother again and then try to convince him even further. Also, in the few days after he asks you about it the first time act a little more separated from him try not to say too much about anything only talk when he says something.

After he asks you about it the 2nd time, deny it and say "Why do you think that?!" and if he mentions something about your brother don't say anything for 3 minutes, act afk. Just play it out, he thinks you're a girl just play with his mind for a bit and then start off as a shy girl.

Sorry for posting this here, but /a/ is the closest thing I can turn to for situations like this. It's kind of anime/manga related considering final fantasy looks like animu...