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Well, I posted this already on night time /a/ but I figured I might as well repost for daytime /a/ since most people aren't up at 3AM and night time /a/ went crazy over this manga (or at least crazy over fapping over this manga).

Anyways, it's done by the same person who did Toshiue no Hito. It is NOT hentai (even though the cover page looks mighty questionable). The pics are technically worksafe.

Genre: Comedy, Major Cocktease

Synopsis: Main character is a pervert who's into S&M, bondage, and what not. Main character's friend is a hot girl (who looks like a healthy Ageha!). Main character is failing school so his mom confiscates all his S&M stuff and gives it to the female friend. Friend looks at it and finds a suit that's her size that has a lock on it (and she doesn't have the key). She tries it out of curiosity and accidentally locks it. Oops.

First chapter in English