Elitist private anime tracker anyone?

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There are plenty of private trackers for music out there (OiNK, Waffles, What, etc.) that place an extreme emphasis on quality, selection, and seeding ratios. These sites seem to have whatever you're looking for, and because of strict ratio enforcement, everything you download is well-seeded. Why hasn't a similar community popped up for anime yet? There have been (shitty) private anime trackers in the past, but nothing on the scale of OiNK. If I want to watch a more obscure series, there is a good chance that there won't even be a torrent floating out there on the internet, and even if there is one, it could be long-dead.

Fansubs are largely a public affair, but if a private anime tracker that offered a wide selection of material and implemented ratio restrictions to ensure well-seeded torrents opened up, would you join it?