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Digimon thread, because Digimon is underrated and great. Who cares about Egyptian card games and Electric rats, when you can have rad Cyborg Dinosaurs with cannons on it's back as big as your house, that can actually kill each other, none of this "fainting" bullshit here.

Also, good villains. I've been watching Ryuu_rogue's subs of classic Digimon Adventure, and well.....God damn it, Vamdemon, you bastard.

I require more 02 though, hopefully Adventure finishes soon, for the Hot Blooded GARness of 02 to roll around.

Savers cool, too. it's fucking G Gundam with monsters!

Also, a shot of the totally GAR manga..

tl;dr: DIgimon is awesome, and if you think it's gay or inferior to pokemon, you're a faggot. Taichi isn't a loser like Ash, see picture.