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/a/ seriously, curse you. Because the comments and the images posted of school days I decided to take a look at this.

And shit happens.

Now I'm not shitting bricks. More than that: I feel like a fucking toy factory because I'm still shitting rubik cubes even with new colours. I'm going to sell my processed shit into toys'r us, be a filthy rich man, buy a yacht, tune it with huge rockets and try to reach the moon with this bizarre thing. And remember that it's all because of you, bastards.

Well, it's not that bad at all, seems to be I'm going to do some things that will be remembered.

Whatever. Now I know why you say that Makoto is a hero. It fucking surely is, I wanted to punch his face to the point that his face wears out. this harem anime it's so fucking weird and traumatized me for a good time.


P.D: I will post pics when I have my rocket-propelled yatch.

P.D2: If you can do me a favor, gimme the emotional poster of makoto or some weird pics of school days, like the "I want to believe". Thanks.