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Reposting since daytime /a/ is useless.

The world of anime & manga is vast, and since I've pretty much covered the more talked-about and popular series so far, I thought it was about time I branched out to find more obscure/less-talked about series.

Now I've finished scouring OneManga, and these are the titles I've come up with so far that have peaked my interest. (I've removed the One-Shots I had listed) In case it's not obvious, I'm more biased to action-based series and seinen.

Since some of these titles run into 150 chapters or more, I need to cut out the crap. So /a/, have any of you read any of these series, and can you tell me if they're worth reading or not?:

07 Ghost
090 - Eko to Issho
Alive - The Final Evolution
Bloody Monday