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What does /a/ think of SoulEater?
I recently watched the pilot just to test it out thinking it was shonen shit. Well it is still shonen shit, but the animation quality of the fighting scenes are surprisingly well made compared to all the anime I've seen (I haven't been watching much shonen shit so I wouldn't really know.) Unlike other fucking awesome anime with fightin like Shigurui, Claymore and FSN, the movements are actually animated not just fast pans or seeing the character in one angle just sliding/flashing across the screen.
The backgrounds are also pretty nice too.

The only things I have to say against it is that its' main female character has a nub va and that the story will probably turn into utter shit, but the animation is FFFUUUUCCCKKIIINNGGG awesome.

Soul eater has awesome animation reedeming itself from the plot level of shonen shit ∴is a good watch this season.