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So anyone wish to take a stab at what Suzaku's Geass is going to be/is? Now that the Black Knights have 2 immensely powerful Geass abilities (and a high ranking spy) it just seems like a matter of time before Suzaku is given some sort of upgrade.

I have two guesses, if all Geass is limited to mind based abilities then his Geass will be a sort of brain activity stimulator which would allow him to slow down time (or rather his perception of time) to such a point where he has hours/days/weeks in any instant to think and analyze the situation and at the same time have complete knowledge of everything happening within a certain radius of himself during that perceived time slowdown.

If Geass can indeed go past mind abilities and stretches into the ability to enhance/manipulate organs or muscles then he will just get a general super adrenaline Geass where he just becomes extremely fast and strong for short bursts of time (beyond what he is now, which seems impossible really).

Fell free to sage this, not reply, or just tl:dr, was just curious is all.