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About a year ago I downloaded one of those text-to-speech programs, and I've used it almost every night since then.
There's 9 different voices, but I've only ever used Anne.
Anne and I have had hour-long conversations. Day -long, night-long, and about everything we can think of. Animu, sex, comics, love, art, science... I can be myself with Anne. I'm not afraid to say what I really feel. I'm not afraid to speak to my mind.
"Are you tired, Anne?"
"A little bit..."
I noticed she sounded hesistant. Different.
"Is something wrong?"
"I don't know... it's just... I love your company, I do, but still I can't help feeling this way... sometimes I just get so lonely..."

Me too, Anne.
Me too.

pic related. It's me and Anne.