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hallo thar,

Here's the deal, when rummaging though a stack of yu-gi-oh cards at a friends house (Don't ask why) I came across a certain card that struck me as odd.

I have reason to believe that Japanese people have invented Obama Barrack as a means of combatting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

Here is what I am able to deduct:

-Ojama Black, Dangerously close to Obama Barrack
-Both Black Figures
- In the description of the card it reads "...he butts in by any means neccessary..." Which is very much a pattern in Obama's caucuses.
-The card ID is "DP2", or "Democratic Presidential Cantidate No. 2"
-In 1996 Obama Barrack stopped working full time at a law firm and became more interested in a spot in the senate.
- 2 stars = 2 House Government

What do you think?