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Dio Brando is the number 1 greatest villain ever. Want to know why he’s so awesome?
1. He killed his own dad.
2. He fucked up Jonathan Joestars life, killed his dog, took all of Jonathans fathers affection and tried to kill him, turned all of Jonathans friends against him, and stole Jonathans girlfriends first kiss.
3. When Jonathan found out what Dio was doing to his father, he turned himself into a fucking nearly immortal vampire, who can shoot liquid out of his eyes that can cut rock and freeze people.
4. Even when Jonathan destroyed his body, just as a fucking head, a severed fucking head, he came back and killed Jonathan on his fucking Honeymoon, while also sinking a cruise ship.
5. He fucking stuck his own head on Jonathans body and after a hundred years came back to fuck everyone’s shit up, getting the power to stop time(ZA WARUDO) and creating an army of super powered fuckers.
6. When he gets a stand, the entire Joestar family gets a stand, however he’s fucking killing someone by giving them a stand.
7. He has 4 fucking kids, one who gains the most powerful fucking stand in all of JoJo.
8. He’ll fucking drop a steam roller on you.
9. Even when he died, he is so fucking awesome that someone was all gay for him tried to rewrite the whole fucking universe just for Dio.
10. Even when the useless fucker fails, he’s still reborn into a universe where he can turn into a fucking dinosaur.

Has there ever been a villain this awesome ever?