I hate to say this....

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but, as a seasoned veteran of anime I need to get it out. I've been watching subbed anime since you were all babies, that's right I was watching subbed anime back in the Laser Disc era of the 80's. Back then dubbing was absolutely abysmal except for the few exceptions.

Now though, my opinion of the subbed/dubbed matter is collapsing right in front of my eyes. I've bought and pirated hundreds of anime in my time and have every so often switched to Dubbed audio to see if theVA's have gotten any better.

My verdict is that......dubbed in this current day and age is just as good if not BETTER than the voice actors of Japan. Yes that's right, I'm saying that american anime voice acting is just as good as their japanese counterpart and on separate occasions it is better.

Congratulations dub lovers, but as a seasoned expert in anime without any bias, American dubbed voices are a perfectly acceptable alternative to subbed anime.