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Is something wrong with me?
Is something wrong with me?
I occasionally have times where i am just sad and dont talk to anyone even when everyone around me has high energy. I also feel that everyone hates me a lot. SOMETIMES, i have thoughts of suicide.

I am 11 years old. Is this normal or do i have like depression?

Nothing causes the sadness and if I talked to anyone I'd become an even bigger freak that everyone hates.

These thoughts of suicide come after something barely bad happens and I dont really want to die. Something just makes me think that.

I have like 4 or 5 friends and everyone else i think hates me.
Also: at least once a day I get these feelings.

If i tell any of my friends then I'll have no friends and if I tell my parents either theyll overreact or do nothing. You see if I get a B+ on my report card, my parents freak out and would think its like an F. But if I say theres something wrong with me they will say oh theres nothing wrong with you.