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Hello. im rather new to anime, and i am always looking for more to enjoy, but am having trouble finding good reccomendations to my taste, so i will list the animes i have seen so far, starting with the ones i enjoyed.

i liked:
onegai teacher
onegai twins
azu manga dai oh
ninja scroll
ruroni kenshin
HARUHI (that was amazing, i thought)
Guren Lagin (forget how to spell that <- )
princess mononoke
howls moving castle
ranma 1/2 (it was OK..)

what ive seen that i did not enjoy:
cowboy beebop
fullmetal alchemist
and a few other random shits

also there was this one i saw it was a bunch of guys who got stuck on the moon for x reasons, and they thought they were ninja's, that sucked too.

anyways i could use some reccomendations, k thanx bai.