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Evening, /a/. The true /a/, I mean. Daytime /a/ is for bleach threads and underage narutards now, just like the rest of the anime websites on the internet.

/a/, I'm glad that you're still here. Though some of us may not realize it, we are really the only part of 4chan that still is 4chan at heart. /b/ died after /b/day, the other boards have been filled with the cancer as well. Although the gaiafags are plentiful, the real "trendy highschool students" that plague the rest of the site are absent here for the most part since they view anime as "geeky" Thank God.

Does anybody still remember, when /b/ used to be Anime/Random? Does anybody still remember when the entire site was just a weaboo shootoff of 2ch and SA? Almost every single long time 4channer I have spoken to has settled here in /a/, saying it resembles the original site the most.

What I'm trying to get to, /a/, is thank you for keeping the traditions alive, somewhat. Our memes are of the same level of sophistocation as some of the classics (FORCED MEMES AND KoG DOES NOT COUNT.) Please, please, don't lose yourselves. Try and keep the flame burning a little longer, my friends.