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Lucky Star symbolism is suprisingly deep. Take this scene, for example. It's a clear reference to Konata's personal search for her true sexual identity as she transitions through puberty. She begins by attempting to fit into society's accepted sexual norms, viz. the expected situation of a young woman accepting a phallic object into herself (the coronet entering her mouth) , thus satisfying her obligatory biological imperative to procreate. Miyuki clearly represents the role of society's passive-aggressive judgmental tendencies to look over Konata's shoulder.

To her confusion, however, she finds that her personal natural tendency lies in the use of her own body (i.e. her tongue) for the purpose of fulfilling a male's role in entering a yonic space; the opening of a chocolate coronet.

"I buy sausage" obviously refers to Konata's fantasies of purchasing a strap-on dildo, and using said sexual gratification aid upon one whom she loves.