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I do not cosplay. I do not own figurines. I do not own anime DVDs. I do not act like a retarded weeaboo in my spare time. I do not go to cons. Nor will I ever do any of these.

But I do harness the japanese culture and I know the japanese language.

But I still do not consider myself a weeaboo, since I've been in touch with japanese culture since I was a kid. Mostly through video games and anime VHS rentals.

People who say "at least I'm interacting with other people in cons while you stay at your home hotgluing your figurines" need to get their heads out of their asses.

There are better ways to spend your time than going to cons with your shitty kingdom hearts cosplay suits and impressing other greasy animenerds. Contagious of stupidity is inevitable if you ever find yourself stumbling in cons.

That being said, grow the fuck out of your unhealthy weeaboo lifestyle and get friends.