The inaccuracies in Golgo 13 episode 2:

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The first problem with this episode is the reason they came up with about not being able to arrest Golgo. The reason given was that it's impossible for him to be the sniper given the situation (bad whether, difficult shot, etc). So does that mean he's in the clear? FUCK NO! Most criminal cases go to trial with just circumstancial evidence. The fact that they clearly demonstrated that he had the view to the victim, was within sniping range, and here's the kicker: THE FUCKING SNIPER RIFLE AND BULLET CASE WAS FOUND IN PROXIMITY TO HIM is more than enough evidence for a circumstancial case. I mean, seriously. what are the chances of the police finding a sniper rifle at random as well as the bullet casing that was still hot at 5:00pm, and it's near the fucking suspect? The odds are practically impossible. That's bullshit. They should have canned Golgo's ass instead of letting him go. He should be rotting in prison, getting buttraped by Bubba at this very moment. Now the second problem with the show was the improper police conduct. When they first entered Golgo's room, the police began searching his room without actual consent from Golgo. That's violation of one of the amendments since the show takes place in America. They can't search the apartment like they did without a warrant. And they stepped out of bounds even with the simple laws such as the arms length rule. Some might say that it was an emergency situation so the warrant rule doesn't have to apply, but this is false. It wasn't an emergency because the search took place days AFTER the incident. The policemen should have been fired for this. Fucking writers need to learn basic law before writing the plot to a show that takes place... IN AMERICA.