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Watashi wa Katie desu.
I'm actually English, and speak Japanese.
Okay, that was a terrible lie, I speak little snippets, mostly picked up from the internet and various anime/manga.
Is it even necessary to tell you I like anime on this forum?
My favourite character.. hmm.. L. Closely followed by Near, and then Misa :3
I also love Full Metal Alchemist. I used to have an obsession with the anime, but then switched to the manga. 'Tis indeed very good.
And I love Happy Hustle High. Oh yes, I do like Shojo too (*is a rabid fan who buys ridiculously priced imported copies of Shojo Beat every month*) =^_^=
Urrr, I do need encouraging to actually log onto these things every so often; If you talk to me I reply.
Sayonara! >.<