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Moetan is fucking awesome. You want anime to be all serious and shit? Fuck that. You take just about any serious subject and put it in anime form, it is fucking stupid. Moetan doesn't have to pretend to be serious. The whole anime is a total hyperbole of ridiculousness. The only "srs bsns" anime I actually enjoyed that much was Higurashi, and some of the "over the top" stuff made it a little less enjoyable.

Moetan takes it way over the top and doesn't pretend otherwise. It doesn't pretend to have a serious plot. It doesn't have to pretend to be anything, you simply take it for what it is, fucking silly. When anime tries to be all serious and shit, it totally fails. It is not possible for anime to be serious. You are watching a cartoon.

One of the best assets that anime has is the ability to push limits, the ability to violate taboos and social more. When it does this, it becomes something awesome. When it tries to be normal, it is hard to enjoy. Regardless of how retarded it is to get excited in your giggly schoolgirl type of way when the OP comes on and goes "WITH A MAGICAL CHANGE, ABC!" and spews loli fanservice everywhere, this and other silliness is what anime is all about.

tl:dr when anime tries to be serious, it sucks ass. Anime should be edgy and push limits. If it doesn't, other forms of media are better content containers.

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