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So /a/, are there any good anime I am yet unaware of in the genre of crime-drama or on the subject of organized crime?
Since we're obviously dealing with Japan here, we could be talking about a Yakuza anime, but one about the Italian, American or Chinese Mafia could be equally likely.

The only time I've heard the mafia mentioned in an anime was in Baccano!, and Baccano! certainly wasn't a crime-drama.
But do any animes specifically about organized crime exist? Mob-hits, burying squealers in rugs out in the woods, shoot-outs, drug-trafficking, racketeering, diplomacy with enemies involving their knee-caps, hitting Vinnie in the face with a shovel when it's found out he's been skimming off the top of the drug income, the works. That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for in an anime. Can /a/ point me in the right direction?