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/a/, I have decided that I must go to Japan, kill the writer for Naruto and replace him seamlessly.

There is a chance with the latest chapter for the shit to pull a complete 360 and become awesome and stop the kiddie nonsense. Here is how:

Danzou and Root kill off all the leaders of the Leaf that aren't directly under his control. In this coup, he seizes immediate military control over Leaf. Sakura, Tsunade, and Iruka would be the notable deaths, along with a lot of the random jounin whose names I can't remember because they show up for two minutes then are never heard from again.

After establishing order, Danzou would reach out to Sand and enlist Gaara's nation and military might under the pretense of Akatsuki's threat. Obviously, Gaara knows that they're a threat, he's seen them first hand.

Naruto and his band meet up with Madara and Sasuke, who both explain the situation. They hear that Danzou has taken control of the Leaf and is attempting to re-establish the Senju clan lineage by manipulating Konohoumaru as a puppet leader.

Madara reveals that he used Akatsuki and Pain to take control of a nation in order to oppose the Leaf in case this contigency came to pass. The Rain was an obvious choice, since taking over a country embroiled in a civil war would be a simple move. The collection of the biju was simply to provide an advantage against the overwhelming military might of the Leaf and Sand, which have both been mobilized entirely under Danzou's orders.