Tips about women by Akagi

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Tip #1
Women are like slot machines. The more money you put in, the more you lose. Don't play that game, even Akagi can't win a rigged game.

Tip #2
Marriage might seem like a great gamble. You can play poker every night! But you must remember that the poker table and chips all require maintenance and if you ever want to trade in the table and chips, you might just come out clean broke!

Tip #3
Don't buy the poker table, just rent. $100 for a game might seem high, but you must remember that you're not paying her to play with you, you're paying her to go away when you're done. Renting leaves less risk than buying!

Tip #4
Women are like casinos. They're always looking to lure in those people who don't seem to pay attention to them, while abusing those who do. Don't be a fool, don't get obsessed with the machine. Play the game, don't let the game play you.

Tip #5
Women always bluff. They act as if their cards are always so high, but if you call their bluff, you will usually find yourself with the winning hand. Don't let her play you, her hand is usually worth much less than she is letting on.