Accuracy vs. Aesthetic

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This opinion is coming from someone who knows very little Japanese, only random words and certain things I've picked up from hearing them over and over in anime.

From my point of view, and this is the main thing I'm trying to say, I don't really care how accurate a fansub's translations are, to a certain extent.

A lot of people seem to get bent out of shape over a small amount of inaccuracies in a fansub translation. But my question is, unless it has to do with the actual plot of the episode (in which case, if this wasn't noticed by the editors and QC, then pretty much everyone was at fault) what difference does it make whether the line is accurate to the original audio?

I can't understand what's being said, so I read the subtitle. To me, the new line is no different from the original line. My only desire is to be entertained by the show.

To go to extremes, let's say we have two subbed animes, A and B. A is flawlessly translated, somehow completely conveying the meaning of the original Japanese. However, the content of episode A is a person reading a phone book, and it is utterly boring to me. Anime B's sub, on the other hand, does not get a single line correct. The English is not related at all to the original content. Yet, through a miracle of effort, the completely new translation matches wonderfully with the original animation and tells a compelling story with brilliant writing, and reads like a dream. Which would you want to watch?

As I said, it's an extreme example, but it ties into my other points. Because if I'd rather watch a full anime with actually interesting (yet still cohesive) writing rather than accurate content, then shouldn't the same apply to a single line?