Bleach is Hamlet (spoils?)

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Bleach is basically Hamlet, if that's not blatentely obvious. The story is told from the perspective of a whiny teenager with some supernatural advantage (Ichigo has orange hair, Hamlet had his dead dad). He is challenged by a series of murderous bastards who all become trusted allies without any believable character development. In the end though, he is a generic shounen protagonist and he ultimately sucks. And all the while, supernatural entities are viewing the human drama from a retardedly self-involved perspective (Hamlet's dead dad in Hamlet, Shinigami in Bleach). Also, the hero/douchebag archetypes are reflections of each other (Ichigo and Renji, Hamlet and Polonius). Hamlet kills Polonius to ensure his rise to assholery, because Polonius hides behind curtains while Hamlet stabs them.

That's a good story structure, but I think the story of Hamlet was better in the beginning when Hamlet wasn't entirely fucked in the head. But after losing his hot crazy girlfriend, there is no hope or remorse for Hamlet. You just want him to die. Yet at the same time, you sympathize with him in a twisted way and his demise is also painful. Like, it wasn't bad enough that your hero never does anything interesting anymore, now your entire series is shitty.

But the hero still has the "last laugh" from beyond Hueco Mundo, and it's the fillers, not the copypasta story arcs, that have an enduring legacy (Bleach Rockin' Future 7 in Bleach, Fortinbras in Hamlet). Hell, Ichigo and Hamlet both see faggoty hallucinations of their respective mentors (Kenpachi and Hamlet's dead dad)

The surprises in Bleach are not who dies or lives (because nobody dies in Bleach) but rather the little forks in the road along the way. Ichigo and Rukia at their peak is the cream of the series. A dead Arrancar medic chick and a badass couch, even though it's nesscessary to round out the story and conclude it, is just not as good. It's still not worth watching, though.