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I have a hidden sense of awareness now, the feeling that something really nasty is going to happen, and I think many anons are realizing it too.

in the midst of liking GL so much, the newfags have slowly been taking over, being the only anime related site apart from narutofan that really praises it, the quantity of newfaggotry is slowly taking over like it never did.

Back in the day, arond 3 episodes of GL, /a/ was still browseable, and the Lucky star trolling anons slowly provoked the GL fans more, making them take over /a/ by each and each episode.

Anons will slowly realize this, and even if they like GL, they will not praise it more on /a/, because they want /a/ to stay obscure, pretty much like it happened to haruhi, it had its haters and its fans, thanks for the spam on the front page, haruhi haters AND the obscure haruhi fans decided to join just to sage the newfaggotry.

Even I notice that sometimes there are gaia threads of GL that make no difference from /a/, so, people should just stop spamming GL, better now than afterwards.

this was posted a year ago by some tripfag.