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When you watch the first 7 episodes of Gurren Lagann you'll either a) fall in love with it or b) say to yourself "what the fuck is this shit, Looney tunes the anime?"

If you end up with b) you'll come back to /a/ and say "why the fuck did you hype this shit." Then someone on /a/ will tell you to watch episodes 8-13 before judging Gurren Lagann. A few weeks later you'll eventually sit down and watch Gurren Lagann episodes 8-13. The following will occur:

1.You'll become a Gurren Lagann fanboy.
2.You'll start bitching about how much better the earlier episodes were (now that you've rewatched it knowing how manly Kamina is).
3.You'll say Gurren Lagann was the best of 08.
4.You'll say Gurren Lagann was a decent show (nothing more; nothing less).