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Round 3

Post a picture of a character.
The chart is as follows:

Ends in 1- You get married, have several children, and die together peacefully.
Ends in 2- You go batshit crazy over meeting them and lock them in your closet for eternity. Rape them a couple times a day.
Ends in 3- This character is so utterly disgusted by you that they end up shooting you thrice in the skull.
Ends in 4- This character is actually the Burger King, and you're just REALLY drunk.
Ends in 5- You're actually looking into a mirror.
Ends in 6- You become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, until your family sends you to a mental institution for talking to an invisible person all day.
Ends in 7- You have a one night stand with this character.
Ends in 8- You and this character meet this the desert and duel it out with lizards.
Ends in 9- You ride away together on a motorbike.
Ends in 0- You kill this character by hammering nails into their skull.

Now, lets see if I have any luck left, I will choose randomly one picture from my picture folder and post it here. Well, wish me luck..