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So, I am well aware there are people who enjoyed the Naruto fillers, and i'm sure there are some of you fags here right now.

I ask this, Why?
I really want to understand. The only thing I can deduce is that you're all very obsessed with nostalgia-like content, repeated content which just drills the same ideas and old scenarios over and over. I mean sure sure, Shounen is like that anyways, but that crap pushed it to a new level.

I personally love a story which starts, has plot/character development/change, whatever, and then ends.
The only thing Naruto never did for me was end, but then it turned into repeated, nostalgia junky rubbish for those 2 years as we all know. Do you accept it simply because it is "new"as well as being the same as the first 100 or so episodes?

Is there no boundaries in your loyalty to something simply because you said you liked it maybe? can you not "go back on your word of the ninja" (please, forgive me, I had to say it), have to be some idealistic child and stick by your original statement? Shit changes you know, people, life, friendship, tastes.

Please, inform me, it goes to all those who like Bleach filler too, it obviously has no progression (and hell, the official story barely has any now as well).

Or is it the age old "switch off" thing? Just don't like to use your brain when watching some form of entertainment?