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The Night of Batman

Batman survayed the city. It was dark. Dark because it was nght.

Batman liked it that way.

Suddnly he saw a theif leaving a bank robbery. the police were too far away to stop him, so Batman jumped from the building he was on (he was on a bulding) to stop the theif.

He chased him until he caught up. Then the theif turned around, and Batman flinched.

"HELLO." said the theif. "I am the Joker!" It was the Joker.
"Joker!" said Batman to the Joker.
"Hahaha" said Joker to Batman. Joker threw a pie, but Batman used his karate to dodge it. however, it was a exploding pie, and even though it didnt hit him the explosion did. Batman was hurt and couldn't use his karate

"hahaha!" Joker laughed. Batman didnt laugh.
"You are bad man, Joker!"
"YES. I WILL POISON YOU" Batman tried to dodge the poisen but Joker was too fast

Batman awoke sevral hours later upside down over a fish tank. He was gagged and his hands tied behind his back. His belt was also tied and in a corner. But instead of fish there was acid.
"What?!" Yelled Batman "How you know my name??"
"BECASE I AM JOKER" and he was right. He was Joker.
"NOW I AM KILLING YOU" Joker cut the rope with a razor-sharp pie when he threw it, and Batman plunged into the acid tank.
The acid burnt, but it also burnt the ropes, and Batman escaped. Howevr, his face was burnt badly.
"I wil take you down Joker"!
"Nuh-uh!" Joker through another pie but Batman threw a batarang and it exploded. Batman ran threw the explosion and punched Joker in the face.

Later tha night
"Night chief!" said Harvey to Commissioner Gordon, as he left the police station
"'Night Harvey!" said Gordon back.
Gordon didnt even get to his car when he saw Joker tied up on the hood.
"It is long night ahead." thought Gordon to himself.