Who said “Evangelion” is deeper than “Pokemon”

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Way-back machine time!

I demand to know who claimed that Evangelion is more intellectual than pokemon. Naturally, all those little kids out here might be fascinated by giant robots with bloody hands, awkward religious references, primitive 50-year-old psychology, and the badly constructed Cabbalistic ritual of Final Unification. But I can only say – time to grow up and watch Pokemon! And I have even decided to start a new thread to show you why.

1. Visual Art

A real artist does not concern himself with following the simplistic aesthetics of the masses. Instead he twists the common kitch into a whole new dimension, which may seem epatage to narrow-minded bourgoise Westerners accustomed to realistic color, fluent animation, and anthropomorphic character design. The creator of Pokemon, Mr Zebrinsky-Takahachi, possesses a deep understanding of postmodernistic art ideas and tendencies, which allows him to freely combine the old, battered impressionism with streaks of primitivism, cubism, and the dysfunctional art of Warschaw mental asylum #3 inhabitants, into one gloriously unorthodox picture. While some believe this to be a symbol of his contempt towards the Mongolian clay painting schools of early 1360’s, my personal feeling is that Pokemon Art is a masterfully used medium for bringing us some of the more advanced symbols conveying the interpretation of our surrounding pseudo-reality.