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Ever had an /a/-related drug experience?

I suppose some people would consider it embarrassing, but I had one, and I consider it an enlightening experience.

I had a trip with very extreme time dilation where I basically entered the world of Ai-Ren. Everything was realistic (not a 2D world) but I knew "where" I was. It seemed like I was there for about two months. Over time I became absorbed in it and forgot reality. Life in the dying days of mankind was interesting. You felt almost a duty to make the most of every experience, because you knew that after your generation passed on, there would be no-one left to experience things at all. At the end of the period, I was reminded it was all a hallucination as a plague spread through the world's major cities and nuclear weapons were unleashed on some - a part I remember from near the end of the manga. I experienced death through nuclear annihilation, then found myself back in reality, although with the occasional odd visual effects, which went away after a few hours. It turned out I had been tripping for two days - which seems long, but isn't really when you consider the amount of time I experienced.