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Time to confess my deepest secret on 4chan before I go make myself taller.

I have a massive crush on an Anime News Network reviewer. I can tell it's a review by him just by reading the one sentence quote before you click on the article because it's usually filled with extreme loathing for whatever he's reviewing. I eagerly await new reviews by him and check the forum replies and get angry at people who disagree with him regardless of whether I myself actually agree with him either.

After realizing I was giggling with glee at his latest trashing of some half-rate BL shit I realized I had a problem and that this secret love affair with anyone involved with ANN needs to stop.

No it isn't Answerman, I hate that faggot.

ITT: Shit you'd be terribly ashamed to admit to fellow /a/nonymous...if being /a/nonymous didn't intrinsically mean nobody would be able to pin your shameful opinions on you.