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Ayanami Rei.

I admit, I haven't finished Evangelion. I'm only on episode 17 or so. But so far, I have not seen even one redeeming characteristic for this boring waste of a character.

But that's not what this post is about. I hate it when people compare other characters to Rei. I've seen good, interesting, and well thought out characters such as Souseiseki and Yuki Nagato, as well as pretty much any short haired and quiet characters compared to Rei, even so far as being called "Rei clones."

This pisses me off, because no matter what she may do in the remainder of the series won't change the fact that for at least two thirds of it, she hasn't done anything whatsoever. And any time a character is quiet and short haired, they are labeled as a clone of this shitbagged cunt.

Short haired and quiet does not equal Rei.
Short haired, unnecessarily quiet, unnecessarily bitch, annoying, worthless, and boring is what Rei is.