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I fucking hate Lucky Star. Although I am starting to come around to it. At first I only saw it at the surface level: boring moe pedo shit with a mysteriously all female cast doing stupid things. I honestly felt insulted when I watched it. But then, I began to think deeper. Nothing could seriously descend this far into the pointless drivel and pandering of the moe phenomenon! Something that revels in its downright shittiness and frantically shoves it down your throat is indeed just pointing out the ridiculousness of the whole genre! It's a critique of the moe genre, and its ultimately sickening and disturbing depiction of women! Kagami represents the classic tsundere. Beyond her character archetype, she has no personality or development. Same with Tsukasa and Miyuki, and many of the other characters with their respective archetypes. These girls are nothing but hollow shells for us to project our expectations and fantasies onto. And Konata! Wow, Konata herself is the very symbol of moe! She's molded in every possible way to be desirable, and takes after a plethora of moe traits! There's no way you couldn't like her! Except for the fact that her likability is so very forced! And this is the essence of Lucky Star and in fact, the whole moe concept.

And then I remember its an anime done by KyoAni, which normally does Key shit so this is probably all invalid. Then I go back to hating it.