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Yoko woke up to an alien feeling. A feeling so pleasant to wake up to, it was alien to her. She always woke up with a totally different feeling than she did now. This realization made her open her eyes lazily and stare without any focus.

She was laying on her side facing the wall and the sight that greeted her eyes made her pause- consider whether she was dead and in heaven or not. There was an angel lying in front of her. How she was sure it was an angel, well, it was the face that met her eyes.

A long time passed by as she did nothing but stare at the face. The eyelids in front of Yoko slowly began to open as if sensing the burning stare. Soon, golden eyes found themselves staring into pink flower shaped pupils - a four clover flower.

“Good morning Yoko-san. How are you feeling this morning?” Nia greeted with a bright smile. She didn’t look at all like a person who has been sleeping. She was fresh as a flower in the early morning sun. Yoko was brought back to earth at that moment.

“Ah…Go…Good morning to you too Nia.” Yoko stammered. Yes, the person in her bed was none other than their newest member Nia - The tragic girl that was discarded by her father, literary, in a dumb as garbage. The same man that was their ultimate enemy they were going after – The Spiral King.

“How are you feeling this morning Yoko-san? Are you feeling any better now?” Nia’s voice was filled with concern now. Yes, that was right, Nia had come to Yoko’s room last night to bring her dinner and she had found the girl crying.

Nia had asked questions then and despite Yoko trying to fend her off, saying that she was alright, the young girl insisted. Yoko had already reached her limits and didn’t have enough resolve left to fight her sorrows alone anymore. Yoko had then let her heart out to the offered comfort and cried for the first time ever since Kamina’s death.