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Jesus Christ, I fucking hate every character in this show apart from Murasaki.

Shinkurou's morals and abilities (I only fight when paid etc) that would be somewhat badass if transferred to a cynical man in his mid forties - on him, however, they just make him seem like an absolute pussy. When three thugs are about to beat up your loli, you don't apologise whilst smiling, take a punch or two and get spat on, you catch and break one of the blokes' wrists then ask him politely to stop whilst maintaining a vice grip on him and slowly forcing him to the floor. THIS IS HOW THESE THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!

And that fucking woman, Belkine or something. "I only make decisions based on gut instinct," she says, then has the audacity to go on to say, "Why are people so childish?" That's like shooting someone for looking at you oddly then going on to complain about how much of a scourge on society burglars are.

Then there's the girls at Shinkurou's school - that fucking tsuntsun computer nerd is the most irritating character archetype ever - the type that just sits there bitching at everything a character does whilst saying stuff like "You're the absolute worst!" and cockblocking him at every turn.

Shinkurou's stalker hasn't done anything particularly bad yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to be thinking about her the same way I felt about Mion after she made Shion rip her fingernails out but before she revealed she'd had the same done to her. Not sure why.