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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei drinking game:

You drink a shot everytime:

-Nozumu screams "Zetsubou Shita!" (Double drink if it's something also despairs you)
-Kafuka misunderstood some negative action and turns it into something positive
-Chiri gets neurotic about something not being equal
-Kaere's pantyshot (double shot if it's any other character)
-You recognize some anime reference (Double shot if it's some Shaft Animation)
-Kiri says "Do not open"
-Somebody playing sings along "Bure bure" "runba runba" or "marionette, teacher's pet"
-Abiru pulls some tail
-Meru sends some harsh mail (double drink if it's to Itoshiki sensei)
-somebody pulls a joke about the name of any member of Itoshiki family
-Rin is turning it's back to the camera
-Matoi makes "jiiiiiiii"
-Maria makes a joke about japanese leftovers
-they reference 2ch
-Kiri teases Majiru
-You see some sign of Kafuka's murderous personality/turns into College student next door
-The japanese culture reference is too heavy for anyone to understand it
-Some girls boobs jiggle or bounce (Double drink if it's Chiie)

Any suggestions?