Western Anime Industry

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It's not a concern for us on /a/, only for the fags that are supporting the industry with their ugly und costly dubs (thanks faggots btw, I won't buy anime series on dvd for dubs that weren't made for "us").
Japan will be shifting their releases on BR in the near future to ensure their high price per disc policy, but what's with the DUBFAGS in Amerikkka?

[...]one innocent question was asked about plans to go to new high-definition DVD formats.

"We are not really that enthusiastic about the new DVD formats. They are not region coded, so we foresee problems with releasing titles in both Japan and America. An anime DVD releases in Japan for $50. A year later, that same DVD releases in America for only $25. The Japanese fan will clearly wait a year to import the American DVD at a much cheaper price."

I LOL'D so hard. It's understandable for the japs, I support them, because I will still get my h264 encoded stuff, but for you dubfags, tehehehe, YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. HAVE FUN WIHT YOUR PIXELY MPEG-2 STREAMS WHEN I AND MY FELLOWS ON /A/ WILL WATCH ANIMU @ TEH NEXT GENERATION.