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What exactly makes "a good plot"?

Or rather, what makes a bad plot? An anime may be attacked for having a bad plot, e.g. "it's too simple", or even "it's too confusing", and other aspects such as 'predictable', 'short', 'pretentious', 'unoriginal', etc.

Surely what makes a good plot is something that best fits the characters, genre and concept you're working with.

Gurren-Lagann may be attacked for having a simple plot, but it's a mecha show with larger than life characters, shiny robots and a heavy action basis. Therefore, it's plot is adequiate because it allows for alot of action - however, G-L has a good plot because it attempts to weave in continuity with the pretty colours, which leaves you with something better than Monster of the Week.

The same works for Sword of the Stranger. Some anon said "the plot sucks", yet what do you expect from a film about Samurai attacking other Samurai? You expect simplicity and a focus on fighting.

G-L and SotS could have had DEEP stories with deviously clever plot twists and incredibly complex character studies - would it have fit the genre? Possibly, but probably not.

tldr; A good plot is what compliments its genre best.