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Sup fellow /a/ssholes

Confession time, what was the worst thing that you've ever done or have done recently?

I was writing my exams this past month and needed to study, problem was I had this lousy roommate that the university residential services randomly assigned to me. This asshole would periodically bring his girlfriend over to our apartment during the middle of the night. Normally I wouldn't mind, but shit gets old real fast, especially when the walls are paper thin and you can literally hear the rhythmic thumping and the moans, and they would go at least 6 or 7 times with 10 minute breaks in between (the funny thing is that he can only last 5 minutes or so). Anyway, I got fed up and decided to get my revenge. So a week or two ago, I snuck into the bastard’s room and located his drawer of condoms. I pricked each and every one of them with a pin, and to make sure I didn’t do it halfassed, I repeated it twice. Long story short, the girlfriend is now pregnant and abortion isn’t an option because the girl’s family are a bunch of christfags. The bastard may have also contracted AIDS since the girlfriend sleeps around behind his back. How do I know this? She fucked another one of my roommates and also blew me (with a condom on of course). Should I be sorry for the bastard? So what’s the worst thing that you’ve done lately?

tl.dr, I poked holes in my roommate’s condoms and now his girlfriend is pregnant. Always practice safe sex and use protection, examine the condom before you use it. Pic not related