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I've just completed the visual novel. Holy fuck was it awesome. I thought the anime was good, but the game completely took it to a whole new level. Thanks for the recommendation /a/

(/a/...more helpful than you'd think)!

This pic perfectly shows my expression through the routes.

Anyways, to make this on topic for /a/ rather than /jp/, after wallowing in the glow of the ending I realized the anime could've added alot more things.

1) Laser tag/baseball route. That was WIN!
2) Since they had Mei there, they could've done finished the Sunohara Syblings route without screwing up the afterstory. For those who haven't played the game, this route ends similar S-Cry-Ed WE FUCKING MISSED YOUHEI AND TOMOYA BEATING EACH OTHER INTO A BLOODY PULP AFTER JUMPING THE SOCCER TEAM AND LEAVING A TRAIL OF WHOOP ASS IN FRONT OF A CRYING MEI
3) More Yukine. Because she is love.

For those who liked the anime, I strongly suggest you check out the game. You won't shit bricks ala ever17, but you'll constantly laugh, cry and "Awww" throughout the game. It's a very long game and worth every minute of playing.