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Requiring some help with the name of a series.
I was flipping channels blah blah, sci-fi comes on, theres some dude fighting wierd demon chick with super powers and some flying nuns fighting another demon. he kills her, it's his girlfriend or some shit, and it ends... I think it was a movie, anyway that's not important. what interested me was the thing that came on next basically a single episode of something that went with the movie to fill time. It was some japanese guy with multicolored hair going to a graduation ceremony from normal cop to special unit, some hijinks happen, he gets yelled at by his yakuza looking commander, some wierd lt. hits on him... and licks him. there is a scene with some swords an weird rumors... and then, zombie people with weird talking skin growths... wtf was it... and why do I want more? if you do know... is it any good? and since sci-fi always minimizes shit production company/voice actors would be appreciated... don't care about links, don't care about actually finding it... I NEED ANSWERS /a/.