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>Said Crawford, “Every day we speak with web sites, tube sites, and affiliate programs who have knowingly or unknowingly sold content that they do not have the rights for. We have discovered that some of them were misinformed and want to legally comply with the Co-Op’s membersobtain legitimate licenses to resell the material. This year alone we have already taking down a total of 10,738 infringers, including: 5006 Movie file-sharing links, 2123 Picture file-sharing links and 3609 Blog posts.

>“The Co-Op is acting extremely aggressively in terms of tracking down & shutting down these illegal operations. This is really an unprecedented action which has united us all.
We as a group are all losing out, which in turn impedes all of our ability to produce new material for the fans. It may get to a point where it is no longer financially feasible to create new content.