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My god this scene made me rage way more than I usually do during Code Geass.

-First look at the EU mechs. They look awesome and a few seconds after they show up, Suzaku pulls more bullshit hacks by ripping them all to pieces.
-A question: Why didn't they start shooting at him as soon as he landed? I mean, come on, he's your enemy's most feared pilot and he's just standing right in the middle of you all, unarmed. YOU HAVE TANK CANNONS ON YOUR ARMS. HE'S DOING A MONOLOGUE. SHOOT HIM.
-Speaking of Suzaku, why did he say that the outcome was clear. EU command was talking about breaking the Britannian offensive, next second this dickface is pulling some bullshit about everyone surrendering. It's war, not a peace rally, you assgoblin. People on battlefields aren't going to surrender when they're the ones making progress.

God I fucking hate Suzaku.